Hobab Imen industrial group stablished 1999 in Tehran, IRAN as a private company

The factory of Hobab Imen located in Karaj -Alborz province near to Tehran and the central office is located in Tehran.

Mr. Kambiz Jamei

Managing director and board member

Mr. Mehdi Namazi

President and board member

Mr. Mohammad Reza Maleki

Board member and executive manager.

Top Managers:

Mr. Mehdi Nassirian

Sales manager
Mail: sales@hobabimen.com

Mr. Mehdi Amini

Factory manager
Mail: product@hobabimen.com

Mr. Alireza Bayat

Quality control manager
Mail: qc@hobabimen.com

Range of the products and services are:

  1. Extrusion coating

(White -black -metalize) from 7 till 20 gr per meter
  1. Flexographic Printing

Flexography (2 color)
Flexography (6 color)
Flexography Inline (2 color)
  1. Envelopes:

  • Size:
The standard size (A3-B4-A4-B5) and other size and shape based on customer’s order.
  • Quality level:
Economic, normal and P.H.I plus. (Based on papers weight per meter, coating weight, printing type and other orders)
  • Papers type:
White -craft-top white and etc.
  • classifications:
  • Normal: (the paper used without coating)
  • Economic: (the paper is coated in extrogen coating process from 7 till 20 gr) in 2 types white and black.
  • Metalized: (the paper coated and metalized 27 gr till 35 gr)
  1. Range of Envelopes:

  • Bubble envelope:
 Laminated paper and bubble (Anti shock)
  • Security envelope:
Laminated paper and black plastic
  • Black laminated paper without plastic
  • Metalized envelope:
        Laminated and metalized paper as uncuttable with hand
  • Envelope with windows:

         Suitable for seeing inside content of the envelope
  • Bubble envelope writeable without paper
  1. Customer’s specification:

  • Post offices
  • Universities
  • Air lines
  • Banks
  • more than 1000 private and government company.
  1. Other products:

  • Table clothes. Produced by tissue and nonwoven as role and flat.
  • Security Seal. Produced by plastic for the security and plumping the envelope, Sacks, Barrel and etc.
  • Core: produced by recycled paper.
  • Pharmacy bed clothes: produced by nonwoven as role
  • Carton: produced by kraft paper and and laminated paper. orderable in different size and type.

The customers and suppliers’ connections are provided by sending mail or calling to:


cell phone: +989123724214 by WhatsApp, telegram, skype and etc.

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